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It’s just the rain

It’s just the rain

Posted By on Jan 29, 2014

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Holding your hand while the sky is praying,
leaning my shoulders to your face,
are you crying?
or is it just the rain?

Whether I die today,
or let life play with me tomorrow,
you will be the moon shining on my window,
faint light, pale skin, timeless fragrance.

Your smile disables this world ugliness,
and nurtures hope in this desolate place,
don’t let me mourn all the lonely yesterdays.

Don’t worry,
I’m not crying,
it’s just the rain.

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I don’t ask for a eternity,
never understood time,
I don’t pray for hope,
never been against this life,

All I want is for you,
to let me be your dream tonight,
whispering secrets that I’ve never even told to myself,
touching all the little broken pieces of your soul

I don’t ask for forgiveness,
suffering is a remnant of joy and pain,
it lead us to wake up brutally from this dream.

All I need is you,
kissing every syllable,
that night after night
dreams to become a silence in your voice.

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Tengo una duda.

Tengo una duda.

Posted By on Jan 5, 2014

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Ya no sonríes,
ni te alegras de las cosas que me olvido,
tu voz se pausa demasiado
y en tus gestos se desvanecen los cariños.

El tiempo ciertamente es eterno.

Ya no sueñas,
ni cuentas conmigo las estrellas,
me dices que la luna no tiene vida
y que todo el universo es una vil mentira.

Y yo me pregunto,
que es lo que paso con esa niña
que un día me tomo de la mano
y en silencio olvido el pasado.

Déjame encender el brillo de tus ojos
con los besos de mis labios.

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